SLiMS Bangladesh Services

Senayan Library Management System (SLiMS), originally developed in Indonesia, is a free open source software for library resources management (such as books, journals, digital document and other library materials) and administration (such as collection circulation, collection management, membership, stock taking and many other else).

SLiMS Bangladesh (SLiMS users community in Bangladesh) works voluntarily for the development of the libraries in the country. Most of the libraries of the country are still out of automation. SLiMS Bangladesh introduced SLiMS to Bangladeshi library professionals so that anyone can automate the libraries easily with no cost.

Free Consultation

SLiMS Bangladesh provides consultancy to Bangladeshi Libraries so that they can start automation and keep pace with Digital Bangladesh. It's completely free of cost and voluntary works.

Provide Trainings

SLiMS Bangladesh provides support to arrange training programmes on SLiMS for the library professionals of the country. SLiMS-BD is also working with LAB and BALID.

Online Support

For any support need, SLiMS Bangladesh provides support to its community via email, facebook group, WhatsApp group and sometimes over phone.

Bengali Interface

SLiMS Bangladesh translates every new version of SLiMS in Bangla. This translation helps Bengali speaking community to use the software.

SLiMS Modules


Easy to use, modern and interactive Online Public Access Catelogue (OPAC)


Check your library status through modern dashboard...


Meets all your need related to bibliographical data management and many more...


Manage your users with unlimited category and full control...


Issue and return library resources, manage fines, send the overdue email and more...

Master File

Manage repeating entity through Master File


Count your inventory with a very easy way...


Find different reports frequently required

Serial Control

Option to manage your Kardex data digitally


Control your system, choose a theme, manage users and groups, backup your system and many more...