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SLiMS Library Management System (SLiMS) is free and open-source software that design to fulfill the need of library automation from small to big scale with reliable features and still actively developed. SLiMS can be used for managing vast collections, members, and staff, within a networked environment, both locally or on the Internet.

2015 is the year when SLiMS Community Meetup held in Malang and where SLiMS 8 Akasia was launched for the first time. Since then, SDC, whose in charge for SLiMS development, hasn’t released a new version of SLiMS.

Five years have passed by, and today, SDC is launching its new version: SLIMS 9 Bulian. The latest version has many improvements over the previous one. It brings the spirit of the SLiMS Community to move forward toward independence of library automation and management. Most of all, the concern of sharing knowledge and wisdom through interoperability.

Changes that you will find in SLiMS 9 Bulian are:

  • Protection improvisation toward XSS (cross-site scripting) attack;
  • Protection improvisation toward SQLi (SQL injection) attack;
  • Added Urdu language for user interface;
  • Added Turk language for user interface;
  • Added Russian language for user interface;
  • Added new administration page interface;
  • Added new member card template;
  • Added configuration for elasticsearch;
  • Added new OPAC page interface;
  • Copy cataloging with MARC SRU;
  • Downloading book covers and attachments over P2P protocol;
  • Added voice synthesizer configuration for visitor counter;
  • Etc.

Along with this SLiMS 9 Bulian released, we expect that SLiMS will grow more and bring a lot of benefits to its users. Helping users to be more independent in terms of the technological aspect of their library management.

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